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What is Day Training?


Day Training is an exciting training school.  Combination of day time drop off training at our our purpose build facility and 1:1 lessons for you and your dog.


At the bottom of the page is information on the intake process.


Please note we are not training dogs with aggression (human or dog) currently.




Day Training Programs

Puppy Training

We have successfully trained thousands of puppies. Our puppy program gives your puppy 64 hours training at our facility at Day Training per month specific for your puppy. This program imprints the behaviours and skills for a balanced, healthy and successful dog. 

This program also give you the opportunity to do 1:1 lessons with Canines & Co. learning how to be successful with the skills learned at Day Training. 

Past and Present Students


If you have trained with Canines & Co. in the past?

We LOVE having you back for more training and follow up! 

Your dog is welcome to drop in to Day Training anytime and we are available to you for 1:1 lessons.

Comprehensive Training 

Do you want to make sure you and your dog are on the right path for success? Do you have specific goals and want a head start?

We will asses your dog and look at the whole picture to recommend what is best for you and your dog to have a full healthy and successful life!

shephard puller.jpg
Sports Training
Does our dog need a job?  Would your dogs life be enhanced with more cognitive and physical work?
We will utilize your dogs drive and skills with effective jobs tailored to your dog.
This can include nose. work, search games, agility, tug work, tracking , weight pull, jumping, high level obedience, ticks, puller, frisbee, retrieve games. and many more!

Behaviour Training
Does your dog have behaviours that you need help with?
Recall, leash skills, social skills, overexcited when meeting people, crate training, fears, destroying items, jumping..
We can help!

How to Register

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please review the information above including Questions and Answer page.

We strive to reply to all inquiries and accommodate your needs, but its also important we prioritize

our existing clients.


We will do our best to get back to you but sometimes this isn't always possible.




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