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Questions & Answers

Is Day Day Training for Puppies? 
  • Yes, it is ideal for puppies, puppies get 64 hours of training with a professional per month compared to 6 hours in a classroom setting
  • In addition to the 64 hours a month, you also get invaluable 1:1 lessons with the trainer and your dog
  • More info: Puppy Program 
When Should Puppies Start?
  • As soon as puppies get their second set of puppy vaccinations 
  • To secure a spot with this ideal timing, as soon as you know you are getting a puppy get in touch with us to
         pre-book your spot 
What Type of Training Approach and Methodology Does Your School Use?
  • Canines & Co. offers consistent, effective, positive training, tailored to your lifestyle, goals and experience
  • We take into consideration your dogs temperament, age, breed, stage and history while we work together to enhance your dogs life and therefore your life as well!
  • We do not  use electric collars or any adverse training methods
What Are The Costs?
  • We will tell you the prices once we get to the intake process
How Do We Pay For Day Training?
  • You can pay online with our booking software with a credit card or e transfer
  • You are required to pay for 2 months at a time for long term programs
Where Are You Located?
  • We are located in Central Kelowna
  • Location visits are by appointment only
Do You Have Individual Training?
  • Yes, we do individual training with those enrolled in our Day Training programs and for past and present students
  • We currently do not offer individual training otherwise 
  • Most individual training is offered on evenings and weekends at the day at our facility, if this doesn't work for your schedule we can accommodate a different schedule or location
Do Your School Offer Any Classes?
  • Not currently
Do The Dogs Get To Socialize/Play at Day Training?
  • Yes, the dogs do get supervised social time
  • Social time is only done with trained, socially appropriate dogs
  • It is ideal for your puppy or adult dog get to play with other balanced and trained dogs to learn good social habits and have a great experience
  • Socializing is a small part of the Day Training depending on the needs of your dog, the main focus is on training your dog individually with the trainer
What Vaccinations Are Required For My Dog to Attend Day Training?
  • Second set of puppy vaccinations are required and/or Titre Tests
  • Kennel Cough and Rabies vaccination is also required
  • Tick Treatments is suggested
How Do I Follow Through With Training?
  • Day Training is a combination of drop off training for your dog and 1:1 lessons together so you know how to follow through with the training 
  • Our students have great success for the lifetime of their dog, if you follow through with the homework, you will have a lot of freedom and enjoyment with your dog
Do I get Updates?
  • Yes!
  • We communicate homework, progress videos, educational resources and pictures via email, text and WhatsApp
  •  We also love taking photos and video's of your amazing dogs that we post on Instagram
Can My Dog Who is Aggressive Attend Training?
  • We currently do not provide training for dogs that have aggression
Are The Hours Flexible?
  • We can make exceptions on an individual basis (such as health care and first responder shift workers)
  • But generally no, we are not flexible
  • More information: Day Training
Do You Take Dogs Overnight?
  • No
What Safety Measures Do You Have In Place?
  • We take the safety and health very seriously for all dogs attending
  • Only approved and pet safe cleaning products are used
  • No pesticides or chemicals are used 
  • Our property and facility is under video surveillance at all times
  • Our property is double fenced 
  • Dogs are never left unattended together
  • Dogs rest in safe and approved crates inside the indoor facility which has heat and air conditioning
  • All equipment and toys are non toxic, cleaned and checked daily for integrity
  • No dogs share water or bowls
  • We check all dogs nails, ears, teeth and body scan for injuries and health and let you know if anything such as nails needs to be attended to
  • All surfaces in the facility are custom for dogs- pet safe non toxic rubber floors and artificial turf
  • We have never had a dog injured in our care
Why Do You Ask For A 2 month Commitment​?
  • Its best for your dog to have consistency at the beginning of training in order to have the best results over the lifetime if your dog
  • We enjoy getting to know you and your dog and we are invested in your success and our working relationship
How Do We Book Our Dog In?
  • When we have availability we will ask you to fill out the intake form and, we will be in touch with availability and how to book your dog online
  • Once you have booked your dog into our online booking system, we will confirm your bookings and you will be asked to pay before attending
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