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Dog PULLER can be purchased through Canines & Co., there are 4 sizes to accommodate all dogs
Competitions starting summer 2017

3 exercises with PULLER for 20 min are equal to 5 km of intense running or 2 hours of training for your dog

Dog PULLER is a new International sport involving both dogs and owners of all ages. In 2012 the PULLER universal dog-training device was developed in Kiev Ukraine by Serhii Shkot and produced by the COLLAR Company. In 2013 the PULLER and the Dog PULLER sport itself was brought to Canada by Canines & Company Dog Obedience School where the PULLER athletes are trained. We decided to form a league and grow this exciting and rewarding sport that brings so many positive changes to any dog.

This sport creates happy, healthy dogs and owners while training their dogs!