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Thanks for your interest in Canines & Co. 

Although we aim to serve all new students, sometimes we are at maximum capacity   In order to ensure our exceptional quality in training, our focus must remain teaching the existing enrolled students. 


We aim to respond to all inquiries but sometimes it is not possible. 

Thank you for understanding!

Dog Trainer Penticton, Dog Training Summerland

Group lessons are not always possible or suitable, this is why we offer private lessons and training. Want some help with a new puppy? Needing help with house set up for a new dog or need some problem-solving advice? We are here to help. 

Private Lessons and Home Visits $125 per visit.

Puppy Class

Imprinting of 45+ practical behaviours including basic obedience commands to create a harmonious relationship and communication with your puppy.

Formal Commands

Recall Games

Urban Agility

Exercise & Relaxation Techniques

Formal Heel Imprinting

Loose Leash Walking

Tellington Touch

Socialization & Exposure Activities

Play and Dog Sport Skills

Health, Grooming & Nutrition Information

Problem Solving and Prevention of Common Problems


Class Includes: 10 hours of class time, digital copy of your dog photo

Opportunity to continue to Ob 1 class and join Canines & Co. as a member for discounted class prices!

(10 Months & Older)

This course is designed for adult dogs to get a foundation to fix any problems you've encountered with your adult dog. You will learn how to reset bad habits, get a foundation to develop further skills. while preparing for further classes such as Trail and Recall and Obedience 1.  45 skills will be taught.



Short Stays

Walking on a Loose Leash

Turning and Changing Gate

The Art of Play Skills

Interaction Skills

Exercise Skills

Walking Through a Distraction on a Lead

Come when Called

Naturally Meeting other People and Dogs.


Class Includes:

10 hours of class time

Digital Copy of your dog graduation photo

Opportunity to graduate to Obedience 1 Class and join Canines & Co. as a member for discounted class prices

The Following Classes are Available To You After You've Completed a Foundation Class or Private Lessons
Dog Training Penticton, Dog Training Summerland, Dog classes

Trail recall control designed to provide you with effective handling skills on trail safety, off leash control, stopping wild life chasing or reactive aggressive behaviors on trails. This is an innovative, motivational way to work on recall in different locations where hikers, bikers or other dog owners are also present. You will learn how truly exercise your dog during your walks and increase the bond and cooperation of your walking companion.


Want a safe and fun environment to socialize and exercise your dog while learning new dog sports and activites?

Engagment and play are an essential component to any dog’s life.

We introduce you to Rally 0, Tracking, Practical Agility, Puller Skills, Tricks, Nose Work.


Puppy Class Penticton, Puppy Class Summerland

Learn how to enjoy and relax with a polite and happy dog walking partner in town everyone can enjoy! Get ready for the summer markets and relaxed walks with your friends!

Dog Training Penticton, Dog Training Summerland , Dog classes

This class prepares you to take the official Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) test designed to evaluate dogs on their understanding of basic obedience commands, social behavior and the relationship with their handler.   Upon successful testing the CKC issues a registered certificate of completion.  This preparation class is a great starting point for young dogs, reactive dogs (after they have taken foundation courses) and future therapy dogs.

Class Includes:

Opportunity to undergo testing for Canine Good Neighbor Certificate

Opportunity to Volunteer with Canines & Co. Group visits to senior’s and therapy centres



Most of the problems faces dog owners are aggression, damaging of belongings, disobedience, illness, including diseases of musculoskeletal system and obesity. Most problems are cause mainly by one reason – lack of physical and psycho – emotional activity. The uniqueness of the PULLER is that it is able to provide the necessary workout and at the same time a dog owner will not spend more time on training. Once you learn how to utilize the PULLER to it’s full potential your will be able to exercise your dog under 20 minutes in and outdoors providing a full workout and tired dog!


Puller sport, penticton dog training, Summerland dog training
Dog Training Summerland, Dog Training Penticton, Obedience dog Class

This class is for maturing young or adult dogs with solid foundation and lots of positive cooperation skills learned in Puppy or Obedience Foundation (Puppy or Foundation are prerequisites). This class works on all basic obedience trained behaviors with distraction while having fun and exercising your dog.

Skills include:

Long Focused Attention

Sit Stays

Down Stays

Problem Solving Behaviour

Target Work


Changes in Gate

Formal Heel

Formal Recall

Play and Focus Under Distraction

Impulse Control

Play and Exercise Skills

Phasing out Food Rewards

Fun Games

Practical and Competition Level Preparation Skills


Dog Training Summerland, Dog Training Penticton, Obedience dog Class

Final level of Basic Obedience training.  This is the skills all dog owners must master in order to give their dog freedom and high quality of life.

The course is designed to challenge you and test you on Basic Obedience skill sets under moderate to high distractions in a group setting with exposure to everyday situations.


All of the foundation and reinforced skills will be used and solidified to give you a reliable responsive dog on a day to day bases.





Dog Training Summerland, Dog Training Penticton, Obedience dog Class

Advanced Obedience for Sport. Skills include BH (Begleithund "Companion Dog Test"), recreation training in advanced obedience, tracking, and bite work. and FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale) Compliance Test

This advanced,  on and off leash obedience can be done with various breeds and can be done for fun not necessarily for competition. Learn how to have that high performance relationship training with your dog, it's AMAZING and so much FUN!