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About Behaviour & Reactive Program 
When you're dog presents with behaviours that are dangerous or unproductive  it is very stressful and tiring for you and your dog.
We can help turn that stress and worry into a productive and fun training path for you. Your dog will get specific training on what you are struggling with. We ask for at least a 2 month commitment twice a week for training at Fusion Day Training Behavior and Reactive Program. Since training these issues are more involved we have limited availability. 
We will do our best to help when we can.



We will make a specific training plan for you and your dog once assessments have been done.


Canines & Co. is located in central Kelowna (Lower Glenmore).

We have a purpose build training space with heating, air conditioning, rubberized floor as well as secure outdoor space with agility and exercise training equipment for your dog. 


It is vital you follow through with  recommended training. Some homework will be written, emailed, video'd and taught in a 1:1 lesson.



Drop off 830-9 am

Pick Up 330-430 pm


Cost varies dependant on the issues and severity and time required. Once you have filled out the intake form we will let you know the cost involved


Canines & Co. offers consistent, effective, positive training, tailored to your lifestyle, goals and experience. We take into consideration your dogs temperament, age, breed, stage and history while we work together to enhance your dogs life and therefore your life as well! We do not  use electric collars or any adverse training methods.


We look forward to meeting you and your dog!


Please review the information above including the Cost and Questions and Answer page

If you're keen on joining our school, please fill out the intake form below.

We strive to reply to all inquiries and accommodate your needs, but its also important we prioritize

our existing clients. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.


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